Posted Monday 6th of July 2015 .

On 1 June 2015, the Egypt Patent Office (EGPO) and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) agreed to commence a Patent Prosecution Highway program (PPH), making Egypt the first country in Africa to participate in such a program. In essence, the PPH program is a partnership between the two participating patent offices which allows applicants whose applications have been determined as patentable by the JPO to use a more simplified procedure to request an accelerated examination of the corresponding applications at the EGPO. The PPH allows a patent examiner in the office of later examination to use the work product (e.g. the search and examination results) from the office of earlier examination, so as to reduce duplicative work and harmonise patent prosecution procedures. This new partnership will likely result in a decrease in the average pendency of applications at the EGPO, and possibly a decrease in costs which an applicant would otherwise incur during a lengthier examination process (Japan Patent Office, June 2015).

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