Posted Thursday 25th of June 2015 .

The Trade Marks Registrar has issued new directives ceasing the legal extension of registered trade marks in Iraq to Kurdistan. Prior to this decision, obtaining legal protection through registration of trade marks in Kurdistan was possible according to the following: if the trade mark is already registered or accepted for registration in Iraq and the owner of the mark wishes to extend its protection to Kurdistan, an official letter is to be issued by the Iraqi Trade Marks Registrar in Baghdad and addressed to the Registrar of Trade Marks in Kurdistan furnishing them with the complete details of the concerned trade mark filed in Iraq with a report on its latest status whether accepted or registered in order to protect the mark and accredit its registration under Kurdistan jurisdiction. Such practice is now ceased and in lieu of this change in practice, registration should be sought directly with the Kurdistan trade marks office through filing new trade mark applications. Although no official decree has been issued in this regards, the current practice should be considered and for obtaining protection in Kurdistan, the application for registration should be filed directly with the Kurdistan trade marks office. (Kurdistan trademark office practice, May 2015)

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