Posted Sunday 21st of June 2015 .

The Abu Dhabi Department of Commercial Protection released its annual report for 2014, detailing that a total of 14,011 field visits were conducted to monitor trade mark violations and 55,532 commercial goods were confiscated as a result of these violations. The categories of seized goods included clothing, shoes and accessories, cosmetics and skin care items, electronic devices and telephones, automobile spare parts, tobacco items and food products. The Department of Commercial Protection also launched joint inspection campaigns with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority that targeted 138 phone stores practicing commercial fraud for commodities. The acting Chief Executive Officer for the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, Mohammed Rashid Al-Rumaithi, asserted that the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, seeks to follow up on and eliminate all wrong practices that may affect the performance of the business environment sector, so as to ensure a competitive business environment in Abu Dhabi. With the aim of regulating the relationship between consumers and business owners in Abu Dhabi, workshops are also being coordinated to raise the awareness of business owners about the laws and regulations concerning consumer protection. (Emirates News Agency, June 2015)

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