Posted Monday 15th of February 2016 .

Brand owners will be pleased to hear that the UAE Minister for Justice has, this month, announced the setting up of dedicated courts in the UAE to handle intellectual property rights disputes (“IPR disputes”). The establishment of dedicated IPR courts (which includes the Judicial Inspection Department providing specialised training to judges on IPR issues) is aimed at facilitating the speedy resolution of IPR disputes in the UAE.

 This is a welcome announcement and highlights the UAE’s Ministry of Justice’s awareness of the growing importance of IPR disputes in the UAE and the requirement for a more speedy resolution to instill brand owners confidence in the options available for protecting and enforcing IPR in the UAE.

 The first dedicated IPR court has already been set up at the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance and we will be eagerly monitoring the decisions of this court and will provide a further update assessing the impact of this development in due course.

[Ministerial Resolution (No.137, 2016)]

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