Our in-house investigation team gathers the factual information from the market about the infringement of your rights. This keeps you informed of market conditions and gives us the evidence we need to take action against the infringers.

Our enforcement services include:

    • Warning letters and letters of demand before legal action
    • Court-supervised product seizures for cases where administrative enforcement is not appropriate or available
    • Raid actions using administrative and criminal authorities, leading to the seizure of counterfeit products, fines and criminal convictions
    • Civil court proceedings for other remedies such as damages
    • Customs seizures for the movement of counterfeit products across borders


IP Litigation

  • We advise on and implement strategies for the best solution to your infringement problem, using a wide range of methods from trader education to criminal and civil legal action.
  • For matters in court, we work with the best local advocates and ensure that your case is run in accordance with the solution-driven strategy that we have designed for you.

Border Protection Measures

Preventing counterfeit goods from entering a jurisdiction by implementing appropriate border protection measures can be a cost-effective way of preventing infringement of your IP rights.

We specialise in:

  • recording trade mark registrations with various Customs authorities throughout the MENA region (where possible);
  • providing Customs authorities with training on how to identify genuine and counterfeit products;
  • preparing and filing Customs complaints; and
  • dealing with seizures of counterfeit goods.

Our anti-counterfeiting experts have experience on a broad range of border protection issues and can advise you whatever the nature of your enquiry.