Halim Shehadeh

Chief Executive Officer

Halim has more than ten years’ on the ground knowledge and experience in dealing with issues encountered by brand owners in the Middle East and North Africa. Halim’s expertise is in counseling clients on tailored regional anti-counterfeiting programs and trade mark filing strategies.

He is in charge of managing the day-to-day business at Cedar White Bradley, which includes mentoring the practice team, maintaining client relationships, and overseeing financial aspects of the business to ensure the company’s performance is aligned with the overall strategy and on track to reach proposed goals. Halim “can cure any trademark-related headache. The insights he has gleaned from running the firm’s day-to-day operations have carried over into his practice, which is evident in his pragmatic, commercially attuned approach.” (WTR 1000 2017)

Before establishing CWB, Halim managed the UAE office of Saba IP. In that role, he managed a large team responsible for the protection of many of the world’s most famous brands and recognised the market growth and business potential, having decided to open his own office.