We are experts in all aspects of intellectual property throughout the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Trade Marks

Our key focus is to provide our clients with commercially driven solutions to managing, protecting, maintaining and enforcing their trade mark rights throughout the region.
Our trade marks practice comprises two divisions:

Our Formalities team, lead by Yasmine Rabah, competes with the major filing houses in the region and expertly executes register searches, applications, recordals, renewals and other formal procedures encountered during the life-cycle of a trade mark or patent application.
Our Advisory team, under the leadership of Brent Rasmussen, competes with IP practices of major international firms in the region by providing specialist advisory services on all issues encountered by applicants during the life-cycle of a trade mark or patent application.
Through our two teams, we offer the best of both worlds by providing:

  • cost-effective regional trade mark and patent agency services; and
  • high-quality legal advice on all aspects of IP.


We provide a wide range of patent-related services across multiple industries and fields of technologies, including patent drafting, filing, prosecution, commercialisation and technology transfer services.

We are one of the only firms in the MENA region with the expertise to provide an international level of service in patent drafting in a variety of fields directly for our clients. We also handle patent prosecution and renewal payments directly with patent offices in the MENA region saving our clients time and money. Our advisory services span the full spectrum of patent protection, enforcement and commercialisation despite the challenges and difficulties that often present themselves in the region.

Our patent practice provides the following services:

  • Patentability opinions;
  • Patent drafting and reviewing claims for compatibility with local laws;
  • Patent filing, prosecution and maintenance. We handle:
    • National applications in the MENA countries and major markets including Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan, the UK, and the US;
    • GCC applications at the GCC patent office; and
    • PCT international applications filed directly at the International Bureau WIPO;
  • IP commercialisation and technology transfer services.


We house our own team of IP investigators who actively seek and find information concerning infringements in the marketplace. Our IP investigators are on-the-ground in Dubai and are able to co-ordinate investigations, raids and border enforcement measures throughout the region.

Our IP investigators gather intelligence from the market about IP infringements to keep you informed of market conditions and to build a solid foundation of evidence should you decide to take action against infringers. In most cases, our anti-counterfeiting team are able to take action against infringers on behalf of trade mark owners, which results in fines, imprisonment, criminal convictions and/or damages.

Media & Technology

We understand the diverse range of issues affecting media and technology suppliers and are help clients to navigate the region’s regulatory and commercial landscape. Our team can help you with a range of issues, from social media take-downs and copyright infringement to advising on local regulations around publishing, content and licensing.

IP Litigation

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

We provide litigation and advocacy services in relation to all aspects of IP directly to our clients through our close association with the Law Offices of:

We seamlessly work together to:

  • attend at opposition proceedings, appeals and cancellation actions before the Administrative Court (as well as subsequent appeals)
  • attend at civil proceedings pertaining to IP infringement and IP contractual disputes before the Commercial Court (as well as subsequent appeals)

Other MENA countries
In the remaining countries in the MENA region which we cover, we provide expert litigation support to our clients by briefing local advocates in each country to attend court on behalf of our clients.

Copyright, Domain Names, Industrial Designs and Other Aspects of IP

While we focus on trade marks and patents, we manage and provide advice in relation to all aspects of IP, including: copyright, domain names and industrial designs.