We provide a wide-range of patent related services across multiple industries and fields of technologies, including patent drafting, filing, prosecution, licensing and technology transfer services.

We are one of the only firms in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region with the expertise to provide an international level of service in patent drafting in a variety of fields directly for our clients. We also handle patent prosecution and renewal payments directly with patent offices in the MENA region saving our clients time and money. Our advisory services span the full spectrum of patent protection and enforcement despite the challenges and difficulties that often present themselves in the region.

Patentability Opinions

Our multilingual team of patent attorneys and specialists provide patentability opinions on inventions in a variety of technical fields. Patentability opinions help to assess an invention’s likelihood of meeting patenting requirements prior to investing in a patent application. Obtaining a patentability opinion is advisable early in the technology development process as identifying prior art early on may allow you to focus on applications areas that are more likely to attract patent protection. We provide:

  • in-person consultations with inventors and applicants to identify inventions capable of patent protection
  • prior art searches to identify closely related patented technology and non-patentable subject matter
  • expert opinions on patentability

Patent Drafting

As part of our patent drafting service, our patent attorneys meet with clients in-person to get a better understanding of their inventions and how they intend to use them. Our specialist patent drafting and counseling expertise cover the following technical fields:

  • computer hardware and software-implemented inventions
  • telecommunications and wireless technologies
  • oil refinery process engineering, petrochemical process engineering, multicomponent distillation and general hydrocarbon processing
  • chemistry, including polymers, coatings, adhesives, nanotechnology related materials, cosmetics, hazardous waste treatments, inks and toners and lubricants
  • materials science, including metallurgy and ceramics
  • semiconductors, including related chemistry, structure and manufacturing
  • textiles, including fibers, filaments and consumer and industrial woven and nonwoven fabrics and textile machinery
  • various mechanical arts
  • biomedical devices, biochemical engineering and pharmaceuticals

Patent Filing, Prosecution & Maintenance

We devise filing strategies for obtaining optimal patent protection throughout the MENA region, which may include a combination of:

  • National patent applications
  • Entering PCT applications into the national phase

As most countries in the region require patent applications to be filed in Arabic, our team can assist in providing translations services where required.

In addition, our patents group has experience managing patent filings and prosecution in the US, Europe, South Africa and other major markets. We also work directly with patent offices in the region to manage patent renewals.

IP Licensing & Technology Transfer

Wealth-creation in a knowledge-based economy is derived from the generation of new ideas that disrupt traditional ways of doing things and displace them with innovative solutions that enhance a nation’s wealth and well-being. The process of transforming novel inventive ideas into innovative solutions is known as innovation management or more traditionally ‘technology transfer’.

Whether you are a university, research institution or corporation, our patent specialists can work with you to help protect your innovations and bring them to market. We can assist in the development of technology transfer practices and the provision of specific services to suit your requirements.

These services include:

  • Development of organisational policies, procedures and agreements for managing IP and technology transfer
  • Advising on IP models and terms in R&D or consulting agreements, employment agreements and research funding agreements
  • Development of invention disclosure forms and procedures
  • Managing invention disclosure reviews with researchers, technology developers, staff, and students
  • Pre-publication reviews to avoid loss of potential patent rights
  • Managing IP protection and portfolio maintenance
  • Reviewing and drafting all types of IP licenses including B2B, B2C, technology, patent, and software licences
  • Advising on IP licensing and commercialisation