We house our own team of IP investigators who actively seek and find information concerning infringements in the marketplace. Our IP investigators are on-the-ground in Dubai and are able to co-ordinate investigations, raids and border enforcement measures throughout the region.

Our IP investigators gather intelligence from the market about IP infringements to keep you informed of market conditions and to build a solid foundation of evidence should you decide to take action against infringers. In most cases, our anti-counterfeiting team are able to take action against infringers on behalf of trade mark owners, which results in fines, imprisonment, criminal convictions and/or damages.

Our full range of anti-counterfeiting services include:

  • conducting in-use investigations
  • conducting investigations into specific targets
  • preparing and executing administrative and/or criminal complaints
  • co-ordinating raids and seizures of goods
  • preparing pre-action letters of demand
  • recording trade mark registrations with Customs authorities
  • preparing and filing complaints with Customs authorities
  • providing training to Customs authorities on how to identify counterfeit goods
  • dealing with shipments of counterfeit goods detained by Customs authorities