To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan 2021, CWB decided to forgo the annual employee Eid celebration in favour of supporting local Lebanese communities. 

CWB partnered with the Khiara Cooperative “Khayrat Bekaena” to provide a month’s supply of essential food items to SOS Village. 

“Khayrat Bekaena COOP” was founded in 2013 to create job opportunities for women in need. The COOP specialises in long-shelf live items such as jams, pickles, kishk, olive oil, vinegar, tomato paste etc. The COOP is led by Syrian and Lebanese woman living in El Khiara, a small village in West Bekaa, Lebanon. CWB commissioned a month’s supply of traditional Lebanese food items, all organic and 100% locally sourced from five neighbouring villages which were then produced and packaged by the women of Khayrat Bekaena. 

The food packages were then delivered by CWB employees to SOS Village.  

SOS Village is non-governmental non-profit social development organisation dedicated to assisting children deprived of parental care and providing them with a loving and safe family home to grow up with an assigned SOS mother and siblings within an SOS village. The mantra of SOS Village is to facilitate children of abandonment, poverty, natural disasters etc. who have been displaced from their biological family to grow up within a stable family unit comprised of children in similar situations.  

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