Dima joined CWB as a Commercial Development Manager in 2021. For the past +17 years, she has worked with several firms helping them consult clients regarding regional IP matters which has given her a unique perspective on the value of intellectual property.

Describe yourself in three words.

Adventurous, fun and Nerd when it comes to work.

Why did you choose a career in law?

First-year at university, I chose to study business administration, and while I was walking on the campus during the second semester, I started thinking that business can come with experience and suddenly I saw myself standing in front of the faculty of law, I immediately went in and changed my specialty noting that my mother is a lawyer, it was a sign.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in your career to date?

My career has been a series of learning experiences, and I have learned many big lessons along the way. The first thing that comes to my mind is to never take things for granted, and always be open to learning.

How has the legal field evolved since you first began your career?

As a result, law firms are looking for ways to increase their productivity, time management, and growth. The legal industry is in the midst of a shift in the way legal services are delivered. They are offering new positions and incentives to attract and retain talent. From international corporate clients’ side, they require more personalized legal service with more cost-conscious methods which are kind of a challenge to find alternatives to the billable hour model.

How do you expect the industry will change in the future?

I think we will face a growth in the number of acquisitions of law firms to have larger and global firms worldwide that will meet the rising demands of international clients.  

And of course,  Digital transformation  changed the entire landscape! The legal process still includes towering papers, yet firms are increasingly adopting digital tools which are already making a huge shift in our priorities and mindset!

What are the biggest challenges you face on a daily basis considering your position in the firm?

I will mention the nice challenges. I’m always keen on learning about IP in different industries as it is always evolving and at the same time keeping up with our international clients’ IP demands in such a complex region!

What advice would you give anybody starting out in the industry?

Pick a mentor, be patient and always be open to new opportunities!

What is your biggest career achievement to date?

I was recognized as an “IP Star” in the 2015 edition of Managing IP magazine’s “World IP Handbook and Survey.” The reason I consider this as one of my biggest achievements is that I was nominated by my peers and clients, for my outstanding work in the IP field becoming the only Arab IP expert who receives a significant number of nominations from both peers and clients.

Is there anything you are still hoping to achieve?


How would you say the industry in the Middle East differs from other jurisdictions?

I would say there is a cultural impact that affects the legal industry in the Middle East which makes it a bit challenging to enforce IP rights in most of the jurisdictions, and the struggle is to explain the same to big international clients.

Why did you choose to join CWB?

I respected the vision CWB has to enhance the IP service in the region, and I saw the opportunity to grow and learn in such a professional environment.

Describe the working environment at CWB.

Professional, open to new ideas and change, and very friendly!

How would you say CWB differentiates itself from other firms in the region?

From a technical level, the structure of CWB is like an upgrade of professional services, and as a feminist, I’m so proud to see so many successful and career-oriented women within CWB!