The Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office (GCCPO) has officially started accepting patent applications for Qatar, starting from 1 July 2023.

Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar’s applications are also handled through the GCCPO. The remaining GCC members, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have not yet announced if/when they will join the system.

The key benefits of this new initiative are:

  • streamlining and simplifying the filing process among the member states;
  • cost efficiency by paying one set of filing fees, substantive examination fees and responding to office actions with the GCCPO. Once the applications are examined, the GCCPO will transfer them electronically to the selected member states for grant and payment of annuities;
  • uniform protection across the member states; and
  • enhanced collaboration among inventors and innovators.

This new initiative is expected to attract local and international inventors, driving Qatar’s economic growth as a regional hub for research, innovation and technology. 

By Marianne Raphael